23 February 2012

"Chaim Levin Is Giving Hope to LGBT Orthodox Jews" by Wayne Besen

Wayne Besen, the founder of Truth Wins Out, a non-profit organization that fights anti-gay religious extremism, wrote about my good friend Chaim Levin, writer of Gotta Give 'Em Hope, in the Huffington Post's Gay Voices. Check out the full article below!
When people think of anti-gay places, the gay mecca of New York City does not often come to mind. However, Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish community is a hotbed of homophobia, where LGBT people are shunned, abused, rejected, and told they must change their sexual orientation to be accepted.

Chaim Levin, 22, grew up feeling the sting of discrimination and disgust from his Orthodox family and neighbors in Crown Heights. In his teenage years he was sent away to a strict religious boarding school in France. After Levin was outed, he was bullied and humiliated on a daily basis.

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