22 February 2012

Rikki Crowley

I met Rikki in Vermont last year where he stole my heart with his energy and creativity. This 23, soon to be 24 in May, year-old Indiana boy is now strutting his heels in Los Angeles, California and is clearly making quite a splash. One of the many things I love about Rikki is his authenticity and presence.

"Dude, if you're intimidated and scared by the fact that I [wear] makeup you might as well stop flirting with me now. If my drag intimidates you then I can't imagine how cowardly you'll become once you see how I am in the bedroom. Hit me back when you're a little more openminded."

On his blog, Deep Inside Rikki, he describes himself as "a naughty boy who gets his hands on anything he finds to be pretty, gritty, sexy or creative. He likes things that are bold, beautiful, and stylishly in your face. He is a performing artist, a director, a model, a go go boy, a drag queen, a rapper, an actor, and an all around misfit of the modern generation."

I'm sure y'all will agree when I say Rikki is one sexy, scruffy sprite. The camera absolutely adores him! Check out his ModelMayhem profile for more photos!

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