07 March 2012

Jay Roth

In celebration of Purim 2012 we're putting a spotlight on the delicious, little matzah ball that is Jay Roth. As my dear friend, Austin Helms, pointed out last week we usually see pictures of each other (aka Grindr) long before we are formally acquainted. That being said I remember first seeing Jay splashed across the pages of Next Magazine dancing in his shorts on top of a bar.

Scruffy? ✔ Sexy? ✔✔ Sweet Jewish boy with a bad boy side? ✔✔✔ Y'all don't have to look back at my dating history to know that I'm a huge matzah queen but regardless - how could you possibly say no to that devilish grin and smoldering eyes? It definitely doesn't hurt that he's got the personality to match.

Nasty Pig by day, go go dancer by night - Jay is often sporting one of Nasty Pig's signature jockstraps while dancing on stage. We're both pretty big fans of the New York City-based company and you might even spot either one of us, most likely Jay since he actually works there, at the NP headquarters in Chelsea located on 265A West 19th Street between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue.

"My mission in life is to dance as much as possible."

You can see Jay dancing the night away throughout many bars, clubs, and parties throughout the week including XL Nightclub, G Lounge, and Splash Bar. We'll be partying all night at HOMOTASHEN: a Gay Purim Party this Saturday the 10th of March along with the other he'bros so wear a costume - or don't, just haul your ass over! Oh, and don't forget to invite your friends and lovers!

Photo credit: Kevin Thomas Garcia, Richard Burrowes


  1. Can I get his number? Lol jk, I'm sure he's got his pick of the litter

  2. I love Jay Roth.... such a great guy, but he dropped off the face of the earth after going to nursing school. God, I miss him!