28 March 2012

Kennedy Carter

Meet that kid, Kennedy Carter. My friends, and some of y'all, know that I have a hard spot for redheads and Kennedy is definitely my favorite of them all. He's got the whole package - a crazy, adorable smile, great ass, beautiful ink, amazing body, and an even better personality; he's such a sweetheart! We finally met up at last year's Folsom Street East where we were clad in, well, not much but had a blast on that fine, summer day.

Kennedy is currently studying in Mexico but we thankfully see plenty of him here in the Big Apple with all his go go dancing gigs around town, photo shoots, events, and filmings. He's always somewhere between work and play but balances the two pretty well. We worked next to each other at this year's Black Party Expo with the CockyBoys and RentBoy booths next to each other, but I didn't quite get to see him until after the show was over.

I asked if he'd be at the actual party later that night but unfortunately he and boyfriend, Ivan, weren't able to make it as Kennedy was directing his first CockyBoys scene with Stephen Forest the next day. He's been working on a few projects with the other boys as well, so we'll get to see those soon!

"English lad living a Clark Kent life: university student by day, gogo dancing porn superhero with Raging Stallion Studios by night. Music geek, ink addict, Hispanophile, atheist, liberal, evil twin…

Kennedy's one busy guy, but he's also pretty into social media and networking. If y'all want a closer look at his adventures be sure to check out his blog, That Kid Kennedy Carter. He also posts pictures of himself as well as a few he's taken on his Tumblr, and of course his latest tweets on Twitter.

Photo credits: Darren Brade, Edwin Pabon

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