07 May 2012

Cinco de Mayo Weekend

The first of many tequila shots were taken at XL Nightclub. 

This was a big weekend for many but really just any other day for some of us. Big drinking "holidays" such as St. Patrick's Day and this past weekend's Cinco de Mayo are characterized by a sudden upsurge of drunken fools stumbling about the City streets in their stilettos or popped collars, shrieking at the top of their lungs to announce their obvious intoxication. Don't get me wrong I love getting drunk as much as the next person but days, or rather, weekends like these bring out the amateurs. I nonetheless stuck true to my motto of taking a sad song and making it better by celebrating with the best of company.

03 May 2012

Weekend in Baltimore

Duncan is a misanthrope so getting him to leave the hotel and go out was a challenge.

This time last week I made my way to the uncharted lands of Mary. I went to Baltimore to visit my best friend, Duncan, for the weekend and found that my three days spent there were far too short. Yes, I really do wish I stayed in Maryland for a little while longer. Everyone needs a holiday from New York City every now and then and I am no exception. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel suite near his Towson University campus and rarely even left the room as we stocked up on wine and liquor for the weekend.

02 May 2012

Ellen DeGeneres

The beautiful Ellen DeGeneres is one of my favorite comediennes. Like Margaret Cho she, too, is a strong, black woman. Her brand of comedy is smart, observational, and very sweet. She has since branched out to do some voice acting, most notable was her role of Dory in Pixar's Finding Nemo (2003), a commercial spokesperson for American Express, Cover Girl Cosmetics, and J.C. Penny, and her daytime television talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show

01 May 2012

Mother Burger

Last month introduced many challenges and complications to my life which prevented me from doing anything fun and exciting to report back to y'all - unless of course you count wining and dining interesting which, actually, is more than awesome. It's a productive use of my time and resources as I recuperate from my injuries. One of the many things I indulged in was brunch and a favorite hot spot here in Manhattan is Mother Burger in Hell's Kitchen.