07 May 2012

Cinco de Mayo Weekend

The first of many tequila shots were taken at XL Nightclub. 

This was a big weekend for many but really just any other day for some of us. Big drinking "holidays" such as St. Patrick's Day and this past weekend's Cinco de Mayo are characterized by a sudden upsurge of drunken fools stumbling about the City streets in their stilettos or popped collars, shrieking at the top of their lungs to announce their obvious intoxication. Don't get me wrong I love getting drunk as much as the next person but days, or rather, weekends like these bring out the amateurs. I nonetheless stuck true to my motto of taking a sad song and making it better by celebrating with the best of company.

Jason and I weren't too excited about taking tequila shots with Jo-vanni.

The weekend began at XL Nightclub where we decided to drink the night away and prepare our livers for what was sure to be a painful weekend. The one thing I will say about XL is that their drinks are on the pricier side - but what else can you expect from a huge mega club, right? Luckily if you're a cardholding member drinks prices and admission is reduced, and sometimes even comped. We tend to miss happy hour and pregame beforehand so that we're not throwing our money away to the wind but they offered two-for-one tequila shots at the bar which resulted in pretty massive headaches the next morning.

...because two handles of Bacardi, a handle of Svedka, a bottle of wine, and Patron were all necessary.

Most, if not all, of my friends started drinking early on the big day, starting at brunch (which was, of course, endless drinks), continuing on to the apartment, and then back out for happy hour, so I met up with them around 6PM because I decided to be a good boy and get my errands done before taking part in the debauchery. By the time I'd finished a drink at Mother Burger and a few more at 9th Avenue Saloon, we were starting to stock up for the night at a nearby liquor store. We only had about seven people in the apartment for the pregame of the night yet we thought it necessary to attempt blood-alochol poisoning by buying two handles of Bacardi, a handle of Svedka, a bottle of wine, and Patron.

Brett (left) turned 23 at the stroke of midnight on the 6th so we got him especially drunk.

The tank top twins, Brett and Sean, were the only two people at the seven man party wearing tank tops because they like to keep it classy - we also thought we were going to XL afterward. Solids are a necessary ingredient when drinking this copiously so be sure to order some food before, during, and after your big celebration. A favorite restaurant which delivers is Empanada Mama on 9th Avenue between 51st and 52nd Street. They serve delicious food which, after only a few well-priced empanadas, fills you right up so you can keep going or, in some of these boys' case, keep you in for the night.

After taking yet another shot of Patron I took birthday boy Brett back out to 9th Avenue Saloon to meet up with our friends, Chip and Jason, for celebratory drinks and continued debauchery. We left the remaining boys at the apartment as they were clearly in for the night, checking their Grindr messages, turning on the Wii, and changing into their pajamas - what a way to spend Cinco de Mayo.

I was all but alive the next day but had to wake up around 6PM to go to a rooftop party our friends were throwing nearby. The weather had cleared up a bit as it had been mostly cloudy and rainy over the last few days so we took advantage of what little sun we got and had a gay old time, drinking our vodka sodas, and devouring all of the food. It was the day after Cinco de Gay-o, after all so loading up on carbohydrates, humus, and guacamole was necessary.

Andy Mills of Memphis (left) and Adam Fleming from Wicked (right) strip down for Broadway Bares.

After dinner was served and had we made it back out to XL for Broadway Bares: Solo Strips 2012 to support our friends... and of course see some skin. For those of y'all who don't know Broadway Bares is a benefit put on to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, an organization which raises public awareness and funding for treatment and services of persons affected by HIV/AIDS. Then men of Broadways Bares put on a burlesque show featuring dancers and performers in the industry with proceeds going towards the BC/EFA.

We showed up a little late to the show and missed a good portion of the burlesque performance but made sure to tip the dancers well into the night. The Solo Strips are essentially the appetizer before the main course which is Broadways Bares, with the this year's fairy-tale themed event Happy Endings later this June. There will be several chances to see some of the men of Broadway Bares until the show which happens on the 17th of June, during of Gay Pride weekend. I know some of y'all will be at Folsom Street East earlier that day but come on out to to Roseland Ballroom afterwards to show your support!

We proceeded to Duplex Cabaret and Theater in the West Village to say hi to a few familiar faces and have a few drinks. It was expectedly crowded so after a few songs we decided to hit up Pieces nearby for a final nightcap before closing up shop. All in all it was a great weekend, what did y'all get up to?

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