03 May 2012

Weekend in Baltimore

Duncan is a misanthrope so getting him to leave the hotel and go out was a challenge.

This time last week I made my way to the uncharted lands of Mary. I went to Baltimore to visit my best friend, Duncan, for the weekend and found that my three days spent there were far too short. Yes, I really do wish I stayed in Maryland for a little while longer. Everyone needs a holiday from New York City every now and then and I am no exception. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel suite near his Towson University campus and rarely even left the room as we stocked up on wine and liquor for the weekend.

Not too shabby, Baltimore!

Upon my arrival at the Baltimore Penn Station Thursday afternoon I just had to survey my surroundings as I waited for Duncan to pick me up so I instinctively turn my phone on and log onto Grindr. For those of y'all who are unaware of this brilliant smart phone application it's an online profile which allows you to see and chat with other gay men in your area. I was pretty pleased with my selection for the weekend and apparently so were the local college guys.

It would be just my luck to arrive for Towson University's big annual day of debauchery known as Tiger Fest, upon which hordes of drunk college students flood the streets on their way to the stadium where they continue to get even more intoxicated, make terrible decisions, and celebrate their asses off... which reminded me why I don't miss college.

One of my favorite experiences was having dinner at a beautiful Brazilian restaurant called Fogo de Chao. You are first called to the salad bar where I made the huge mistake of filling my plate full of appetizers. Everyone is given place cards, colored green one one side and red on the other, which indicate when you are ready for the servers to come by with huge slabs of meat on skewers. I ate enough lamb and chicken wrapped in bacon for a small army. I highly recommend going to one of their many locations throughout the States.

While in Baltimore I made it my goal to immerse myself (and Duncan) in the gay scene so I asked some friends and they all ushered me over to Grand Central Station Pub. After a few rounds Duncan finally convinced and taught me how to play pool and I am now slightly addicted to the game even though I am so terrible at it. I also met and hit it off with an adorable guy named Matt who Duncan nearly cockblocked me from with their philosophical debate. All in all the Free State was a great getaway from New York and now I have a few more reasons to come down to visit!

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