12 June 2012

Matt's Weekend in NYC

Hey, folks, it's been awhile. Let's recap what went down this last month, shall we? If y'all can recall I took a trip to Baltimore to visit my best friend, Duncan, and also managed to meet a very sweet and lovely young man by the name of Matt. Matt decided he'd come up to New York City to visit me last month and was here from the 10th to the 13th of May and we had a gay old time!

We started off the weekend by having breakfast at Central Park where I began my "pictures of Matt eating" series. It was a gorgeous day out so I decided we walk down to the West Village and check out Christopher Street Pier where it was still a little too windy to be tanning. We were able to get some sun and check out the view of Jersey across the way and even got to see the Statue of Liberty, thanks to the clear day.

We started to get hungry on our walk back from the Piers and decided to grab lunch at a favorite spot in Chelsea. Nisos, located on 176 8th Avenue on the corner of West 19th Street and 8th Avenue, is a Greek and Mediterranean restaurant with a great bar. My first time at Nisos was St. Patricks' Day last year where they had an amazing lunch/holiday special of a burger and beer for $7.00. Matt loved his sandwich and we are both big fans of their fresh fries.

Situated on the other side of West 19th Street is one of my favorite clothing stores, NastyPig. I get all of my favorite gear there and showed Matt around the store where he found a shredder he really liked. The boys there had their eyes on him and didn't hesitate to snap a picture of him in one of their shirts.

We proceeded to happy hour at my favorite bar in New York City. Flaming Saddles, on 9th Avenue between 52nd Street and 53rd Street is a gay, country saloon located in Hell's Kitchen. Matt didn't quite know what to expect with the dancing bartenders and country music but he definitely had a good time!

My friend Chip wanted to meet Matt for a drinks as Matt's cousin, Chris, is one of our mutual friends so we joined him for a few drinks at Therapy nearby on West 52nd Street between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue. What I like about the venue is that it's very much a lounge where you can relax with friends after a day of work - or in our case just more drinking.

Chris and Matt (left to right)

The cousins finally reunited later that night at Flaming Saddles for their second round of happy hour. It was quite a cute reunion and Matt was rocking his newly purchased Nasty Pig shredder, grabbing the attention of quite a few patrons.

We had quite the out with enough vodka, rum, and gin to intoxicate a small army. We tried drinking each other straight to the ground but, being the champ that I am, outlasted them all. It's not bragging if it's true, right?

The next morning this champion woke up with a severe hangover and called the boys to assemble for brunch at a local favorite - Mother Burger. Rounds upon rounds of frozen pink lemonades were in order because, as everyone knows, the best way to cure a hangover is by continuing to drink. We ended Matt's NYC visit with hugs, drinks, and debauchery. Now that is how we do New York!

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