26 June 2012

New York City Pride 2012

Welcome back, survivors of New York City Pride 2012! Are we all still recovering from this past week's activities or are we ready for a recap? Get your coconut water and ibuprofen out, you may need the extra boost. I will say that this year's pride events were a bit tame compared to the last few years. Is it because everyone's starting to couple up and stay in during the times in which they should be partying or was New York City simply not living up to its full potential? From my we stood, my friends and I definitely felt like we could have used a few more parties and a little less of the usual bar crawl. That's just us, though - what did y'all think?

We'd like to hear from both the locals and tourists so comment below to tell us what you thought of NYC Pride 2012!

Broadway Bares XXII: Happy Endings wrap up by Daniel Robinson Productions

We kicked off Pride Week last Sunday with my exhibitions at Folsom Street East followed by the midnight showing of Broadway Bares XXII: Happy Endings. This year's show featured a star-studded cast including Next to Normal's Kyle Dean Massey, GCB's Miriam Shor, Academy Award nominee Jennifer Tilly, and New York drag queen Lady Bunny. The fairytale-inspired theme this year showcased various stories including the Pied Piper, Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Pinocchio, all with a sexy twist. This year's burlesque raised a record-breaking $1,254,176 to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and was a definite highlight of the Pride festivities.

Pride Week isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. So y'all better know how to pace yourselves!

Broadway Bares was a tough act to follow as our friends began pouring into the city for Pride Week and wanting for us locals to show them a good time around our fair city. The main obstacle I encountered was the disconnect between interests. I personally prefer hanging out with friends at a bar but a lot of my friends who showed up for Pride week were expecting a Queer As Folk night out at Babylon, with a Brian Kinney-esque hookup afterwards.

You can most certainly find that in New York City, especially this time of year, but I'm not going to be the Michael Novotny to your Brian. No, instead I'll show you a good time around my local watering holes, take you to a dance club, let you have your fun, and let you spread your wings and fly - safely, of course. You'll have a set of keys, my phone number, and condoms, but you're a big girl. You can take care of yourself, can't you? You go, girl! No. I mean you go. Bye!

Jason, Elle, and Jo-vanni celebrating on a rooftop in the West Village.

A lot of us tend to run on gay time and show up to a party an hour or two later than when it actually starts. Do not do this on the day of the Pride Parade, especially if you're trying to go to a rooftop party in the heart of the parade. The police barricade off sections, crosswalks, and streets, and tend not to have any idea where any openings are for you to cross that not only make traversing through the West Village a nightmare but will also cause the ice you're trying to deliver melt, your buzz to wear off, and your friends to be annoyed with you for getting y'all lost and trapped in the streets.

I'm not suggesting waking up at the ass crack of dawn to get ready (unless you're one of those queens who takes forever just to get your hair looking pristine and photo ready), but it is a good idea to plan ahead. If the party starts at noon, leave by 11PM to give yourselves enough time to buy mixers, alcohol, ice, and whatever else you decide to bring to whichever rooftop party y'all were invited. If you don't have friends with rooftop access then you should have probably reserved spots at a brunch location earlier that month, and then claimed your parade viewing spot at one of the nearby bars.

And the winner of best tan goes to...

Once you have those basics all you have to do is pour yourself a drink, take off your shirt, apply sunscreen, and enjoy the parade, each others company, and be proud of all that we've managed to accomplish over the last few decades. This is a time for celebration and reflection so raise your glasses for a toast. We're another year wiser, another year closer to equality, and are still looking damn fierce and fabulous! Happy Pride, y'all!

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  1. Elle, you have many good qualities - sincerity and passion certainly among them. BUT your best is that smile -it exudes lots of love and says that you love life. Yes! Go for it kid.