14 June 2012

Paige Turner's "Fuck Me Thursday!"

New York City's Paige Turner makes her music video debut with "Fuck Me Thursday!", a parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." The video directed and shot by Jason Lee Courson, with parody lyrics by Paige Turner, was shot in Manhattan, New York City, special thanks to Stonewall Inn for allowing us to film in their bar! Enjoy the video and the behind the scenes content after the jump!

We began the first day of the shoot at the Stonewall Inn in the West Village to film the band, sticky note tagging, and bathroom scenes. The original video includes Carly Rae singing with her band in the background as well as a slip and fall off the car she is washing to try to seduce her crush. We had some fun with the creative changes, my favorite being phone numbers and flirtatious messages on each of the brightly colored sticky notes which Paige tags onto unsuspecting twinks.

The second day of the shoot was filmed entirely in Jason's bedroom, made severely pink and flamboyant (which I still think he should have kept). The dream sequence involved Paige fantasizing about her crush who is, even in her dreams, gayer than the room in which she finds him. Continuing to get involved in their passionate kisses, Paige is knocked down and rejected time and again. Better luck next time, Mizz Turner.

Please excuse me; I don't mean to be rude, but... I really need a close up crotch shot.

We finally had some great weather on the final day of the video shoot and were able to film Paige's crush, Brian, as he seductively poured water over his chiseled body. It was a hot and sunny day out so most of the crew opted to take off their layers alongside Brian. We weren't at all thoroughly distracted by a glistening body in front of us clad only in speedos as he oiled himself up with aloe vera. No, we're professionals!

This is seriously my favorite outtake of this shot.

We wrapped the video shoot after three awesome days of production so Jason and I decided to hit up our local favorite, Mother Burger, for a well-deserved meal and pink lemonade margaritas. I hope y'all enjoyed the parody as much as we did producing it!

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