13 June 2012

Ricky Schroeder

The fabulous Ricky Schroeder is participating in this year's Strip-a-thon for Broadway Bares XXII: Happy Endings. Although he has already raised well above his goal of $2000 for the organization, it wouldn't hurt to completely smash that goal and raise another $1000 for the year! You can find his personal donation page here. We have until Friday, the 15th of June to donate so get to it, folks!

Ricky was previously in the smash show ICONS, both off-Broadway and in Provincetown last year. He also took part in this year's Broadway Sings for Pride, a non-profit organization now in their second year which brings together the best of Broadway celebrities to share their stories of LGBTQI pride. 

"On Saturday, May 19, 2012 Broadway Sings for Pride (www.BwayPride.org) in conjunction with the TADA! Youth Theater joined over twenty-five Broadway, Off Broadway, and National Tour performers to remind everyone "it gets better". The song, which included TADA!'s Resident Youth Ensemble, was done to promote equality and stop bullying. "It Gets Better" was written in 2010 by composers, Jay Kuo & Blair Shepard after a string of LGBT suicides across the country. This song will be featured in Broadway Sings for Pride's Second Annual Gay Pride Concert on Monday, June 25, 2012 in Manhattan."
For tickets and information, please visit TicketCentral today!

The cast of Naked Boys Singing (top left to right) Ricky Schroeder, Alex Ringler, Ryan Obermeier, (bottom left to right) Seph Stanek, John-Paul Mateo, and David Bryant.

He retired his role in ICONS to join the new cast of Naked Boys Singing in New York City. The show is currently playing at the Kirk Theatre on Theatre Row in Manhattan at 410 West 42nd Street. Gorgeous, talented, and naked? Why haven't y'all bought your tickets yet? But first don't forget to support the fight against AIDS by donating to Ricky and the rest of cast at Broadway Bares!

Photo credits: Ryan Colford, John Loring, Bill Goffi, HeyMrJason Photography

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