16 July 2012

Brunch at Vynl

Me and Jared at Vynl's Sunday brunch.

Vynl, located on 754 9th Avenue on the corner of West 51st Street and 9th Avenue, is a great restaurant in Hell's Kitchen that offers a fun atmosphere, delicious food, and even better drink and happy hour specials. Well, at least it used to be prior to its renovations earlier this year. In their attempt to revamp the place they essentially eliminated their old menu and drinks with a random assortment of items. My friends and I used to come in for their happy hour specials, especially their frozen margaritas, and be ready to stuff our faces full of their amazing burgers, wraps, and fries but those days are sadly gone.

I'm not one to easily abandon ship, especially on an old favorite so I brought my friend, Jared, to brunch this past Sunday. I was happy to find that they kept the interior design the same, especially their themed bathrooms. Looking around the room you can find the toy figures of different pop stars throughout the era propped up against the wall, and upon making your way to their bathrooms you will discover that they are not divided by gender but by pop idols. You have the choice of entering the "dressing room" of Cher, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, or Nelly Furtado, with a mural of the artist and their music playing inside each one.

Eggs benedict with spinach, scrambled eggs, potatoes, pastrami, and salad - we like to keep it healthy.

Jared and I couldn't decide whether to order the eggs benedict or pastrami and eggs so we ordered both and decided to share the meal. We definitely enjoyed the meal but it's pretty difficult to mess up a brunch menu so in order to fully be able to assess Vynl's changes we'd have to come back for a lunch or dinner. I managed to sneak a peak at their new menu and was disappointed with their changes but can't make any real evaluations until I've had it in my mouth.

Complimentary brunch shots thanks to our hunky waiter, Mike!

I'll give Vynl a golf clap for their brunch but it definitely wouldn't be my first choice when it comes to taking my friends out after a Friday or Saturday night of debauchery. There are unlimited drink specials throughout the City to where I'd much rather go, I just had to check in on my old favorite what with all the bad reviews former patrons were giving it. The one thing with which I will agree is not to fix something that isn't broken because Vynl, you're clearly losing your main and largest clientele.

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