17 July 2012


MineCraft is a popular computer game entirely composed of blocks in an infinitely generating world. The goal of the game is to gather resources, build structures, and create a world of infinite possibilities. To simplify the concept even more it's essentially a virtual LEGOs game in which the player are able to utilize their surroundings to build essentially anything they could possibly imagine, from chopping down a tree to create wooden tools to mining deep into the earth in search of precious minerals to create an intricate railway system around their world and so much more.

Check out that squared sunrise in the distance!

The game includes a multiplayer option in which players are able to interact with each other in a single world in which they are able to build and create together, or conversely group into factions to survive the perils of the world as well as the other players within the game. Oh, did I mention that monsters come out at night trying to kill you and destroy your buildings? It's not all fun and pixelated sunshines many elements to the game have been added to spice up gameplay including hunger, armor, and experience points.

Rome's admins (L to R: Shaberu_San, ~WhatTheElle, jovanni_miami, ~RomanRobot, and Naty2RC)

My friends and I have created a free survival server called Rome, in which players must face the monsters of the dark while creating their homes and bases. Players are discouraged from attacking one another (Player versus player, or PvP) unless it's through a mutual agreement of battle to prevent the griefing (the destruction of another player's property) of unwilling players. We admins provide support and ensure the peaceful gameplay of our players. You can access our server at romanmc.com:25612 so please feel free to join us!

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