18 July 2012

Paige Turner

Hailed as New York City's Elle Woods of drag, Paige Turner has been working the the scene for the last few years and has won over many hearts with her smart repartee and hilarious setlist of both lip-synced and live performances. She recently released her first music video parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" entitled "Fuck Me Thursday!" which adds a dash of glitter and gay to the already homo-tastic song. The parody is ingrained so deep into my mind that whenever Jepsen's song plays on my iPod in the bars or clubs I can hear only Paige's lyrics. Anyone for a big gang bang on Thursday?

Paige Turner's "Fuck Me Thursday"

Drag queens come in all shapes, sizes, and talents. What I truly appreciate about Mizz Turner is the versatility present in her shows. She is a great hostess who throws in live performances of song parodies she has written herself alongside lip-synced numbers of old favorites, all wrapped inside witty banter.

Paige Turner, the ultimate Barbie doll

She was featured in this month's 4th of July edition of get out! magazine where she explains the origins of her catchphrase, "Slurp!", her love of Macy's return policy, and coronation as the "queen of twinks."
Explain what your catchphrase SLURP! means.
"I started saying it off the cuff, under my breath to cute boys at the show or that I brought onstage. Pretty soon the audience was shouting it back at me. It basically sums everything you want to say to a boy without saying, “Hey, I want to f*ck your brains out!” You just say SLURP!"

If you're a virgin to the Paige Turner experience I highly recommend you let her pop that cherry, and fast! You can find her at her weekly shows on the stage upstairs at Vlada for Slurp! Sundays at 10:30PM, Paige Turner's Playhouse on Thursdays upstairs at the Stonewall Inn, and afterwards hosting 20-Something Thursdays at XL Nightclub!

Official Website (PaigeTurnerNYC.com)
Twitter (@PaigeTurnerNYC)
YouTube (/PaigeTurnerNYC)

Photo credit: Alexander D'Or

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  1. Maybe you didn't make a big deal of this because it is just too obvious, but I'll say it: she's freakin' hilarious. She had some planned material: it's important to have, it was current/topical, and very funny of course. But it was the mix between that and her lighting-fast, on-the-spot jokes based on audience feedback that got me. Can't wait to go back!