24 July 2012

Texts with Elle

Texts with Elle was inspired by a few other Tumblr blogs which included, either scripted or real, texts between two parties - such as that of Texts from Bennet and my new favorite, Text from Dog. My best friend, Jason, and I frequently bicker and rant over text and finally decided that it was time for the world to share in and experience the glory of our lives.

The Tumblog features quite a few texts between Jason and myself but also has a few from my other friends as well as my mother who, for y'all who don't know, is quite the character. Upon getting her first iPhone and discovering all of the different emoticons, she proceeded to text every single one out to me to brag about her technological prowess. I tried to block her texts but the iPhone sadly doesn't have that feature for some reason.

Click the above image to be redirected to the blog for their GIF versions.

Alongside the texts with all the wonderful people in my life are posts of my reactions to certain situations in GIF form. I've gathered quite the collection over the last few years which apply to almost every encounter and circumstance.

And, of course, I just had to include all of the Grindr and other smartphone application fails I've personally come across. A lot of people have exclaimed, "Geez, Elle! How many blogs do you have? Get a life!" All I will say to that is

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