29 August 2012

Bianca Del Rio is NOT Impressed

Bianca Del Rio as Eva Perón

Bianca Del Rio graces the cover of Next Magazine's 2012 Summer Yearbook in her gorgeous Evita dress, shot by Kevin Thomas Garcia.

We were lucky to be able to shoot in Central Park on a gorgeous day and the photos turned out amazingly well. I took a lot of behind the scenes footage which will be released soon after the magazine hits stands this Friday so stay tuned for all the whacky adventures we had off camera!

The photo that started it all. 

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London yielded this gem of a picture, featuring U.S. Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney. It has since gone viral as an Internet meme, with her face edited onto various pictures, and captioned "McKayla is not impressed." Bianca was also shot as McKayla for the issue, with an image ready for use to create your own meme - click here for the image file and tweet Next Magazine your memes!

Bianca is NOT impressed by the cast of Naked Boys Singing.

...or by Paige's SLURP! boys

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