15 August 2012

Daniel Nardicio Presents Liza Minnelli and Alan Cumming at the Ice Palace on Fire Island

Photo by Christian Hansen for The New York Times

Liza Minnelli and Alan Cumming performing together on Fire Island... is quite possibly the gayest thing I've had the amazing privilege to experience, and glitter practically flies out of my mouth every time I speak. Daniel Nardicio brought the pair out to the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove on Saturday, August the 4th for which, needless to say, myself and every other queen saved the date upon first hearing of the event. The tickets sold out before anyone could even say "Judy" so Daniel thankfully added a second showing, to which my friends and I got VIP tickets so we could be as close to Liza as legally possible.

Liza and Alan started off the show with their rendition of "Baby, it's Cold Outside." While many may point out that she no longer has the voice, Liza can still command a room with her glowing stage presence alone. She is a true performer and made very smart and comedic choices in regards to the notes and phrases she knew she couldn't musically hold.

The room went silent, save a few muffled sobs, gasps, and squeals from myself and a handful of other audience members, when Liza started singing "What Makes a Man a Man." It was then that I became fully aware that I was in the presence of a great. I was a tearful mess throughout the remainder of the show, and was speechless when it came to an end. If you saw and tried to have a conversation with me afterwards I really do apologize that my vocabulary was reduce to "oh, my...", "wow," and "I can't even."

Gusty Winds and Bianca Del Rio with Liza Minnelli at Cherry's Bar

Liza stayed on the island for two days following the show, even making an appearance at the Ms. Cherry's drag competition, prompting New York drag queen Bianca Del Rio to confess to Liza that her signature bottom lashes were inspired by the Broadway legend. Later that night my friends and I sat next to her table at Island Breeze where I lost my gorgeous Marc Jacobs sunglasses. I tweeted that Liza Minnelli stole them from me and am hoping to use that as my claim to fame (Liza, if you're reading this just roll with it).

The weekend ended with a bang as Liza sang her way out of Cherry Grove on a private ferry back to Sayville. I can honestly say that was the best weekend of my summer thus far, what could possibly top that?

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