14 August 2012

Paige Turner's "Shitfaced Drunk!"

Paige Turner is back with her second parody video, "Shitfaced Drunk!", which flips One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" upside down and forces it up on a keg stand. Shot and directed by Jason Lee Courson, the music video features a full band of Paige Turners and her Slurp!alicious boys at Vlada Lounge where you can see her for Slurp! Sundays every week at 10:30PM at the upstairs bar.

"Pretty in Pink" Paige on the set of Shitfaced Drunk! with Alexander D'Or and Jason Lee Courson

We spent two days on the set filming the music video, most of which took place at the upstairs bar of Vlada Lounge here in New York City. We used a green screen (which, at times, I had to hold up behind Paige) to shoot the chorus of different Paige Turners from Officer Paige to DJ Paige. The really fun part about this video was switching between Paige's different looks, my favorite of which was DJ Paige Turner. It's not all that often that you get to see her with a black wig on, folks, so take it all in!

Do you see what our starlet has to deal with? Messy, messy twinks...

Paige is known to have quite the loyal following of twinks here in New York City so casting the Slurp! boys for the video was fairly easy. Ricky Schroeder makes another appearance, after Fuck Me Thursday!, as a hot mess puking his guts out in the bar and the streets. If you look closely you can spot a few easter eggs in "Shitfaced Drunk!" including "Fuck Me Thursday!" playing on the television screen at (0:11) and one of the sticky notes from the same video at (0:37).

Paige's Slurp! boys

"Shitfaced Drunk!" made its debut the first Sunday the 5th of this month at Paige's show, Slurp! Sundays, at Vlada Lounge on 331 West 51st Street between 8th and 9th Avenue. A special thanks goes out to Alexander D'Or and Vlada Lounge for putting up with our shenanigans while happy hour was going on downstairs at the main bar.

Check out more behind the scenes footage from "Shitfaced Drunk!" here.

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