24 September 2012

Hello, My Name Is Elle And I'm A Foodaholic

spiced turkey breasts with corn, peas, and asparagus

I'm a huge foodie. I make it a rule to try any and all kinds of dishes at least once, and then maybe three or four more times after, before making a solid judgement on it. Corn was the only exception to that rule. I couldn't stomach the thing when I was much younger and would gag upon trying to put it in my mouth - which never happens with anything, so you know something was wrong. After years of failed attempts I was finally able to swallow an entire corn on the cob with such gusto and pleasure you would think it was my day job. All puns intended, I would totally drop down on one knee and propose to and marry food once we passed the legislation allowing me to do so.

I tried naked cooking once. It hurt. A lot.

Combine my love for food with my passion for cooking, and you've got yourself husband material. I am easily inspired to create any kind of meal when you put me in the kitchen. Give me a main ingredient and I'll whip up a magical experience in your mouth you'll be begging for more, and I'll give you more because there's always enough for seconds - just save room for dessert.

The funny thing is that I usually have no idea what I'm doing when I'm cooking. I kind of just leave it all to creativity and the fact that I have a pretty good sense of what flavors work well together. There has yet to be an occasion where this process has done me wrong so I think I'm doing a fairly good job as an amateur chef. I've been talking to one of my friends about taking culinary classes together so that should be in the works soon, I just need to find a good culinary school that fits my schedule. If y'all have any suggestions, I'm all ears!

spinach and tomato omelette with whole wheat cous cous

After having watched most of Julie & Julia (2009) starring two of my favorite female actresses, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, I was inspired to do something similar. While I don't really have the time and patience to go through and cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child's cookbook, I want to take on a similar cooking project where I blog about some of my favorite made-up recipes and even a few classic favorites. After all the holidays are coming up so this is a good chance to practice and share some of the things that may make the table on Thanksgiving later this fall. Can you say pie?!

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