11 September 2012

Lady Bunny's "Let's Have a Kai Kai"

When I first heard the Scissor Sisters' popular song "Let's Have a KiKi" I cringed at the thought of two drag queens getting it on - that's just not my cup of tea. Well, that's exactly what Lady Bunny's latest parody, "Let's Have a Kai Kai" is all about. I was confused by the similarity of their spelling and pronunciation but a kiki is a party with good friends and music whereas a kai kai refers to two drag queens having sex in full drag and makeup. If you think the video was hilarious, check out the rest of the behind the scenes footage that didn't quite make the final cut after the jump!

The crew gets ready to have a kiki at this kai kai.

We shot the video at the gorgeous The OUT Hotel connected to XL Nightclub here in Manhattan. The room was immaculate upon our arrival but that didn't last too long. The room was our set for the majority of the video shoot and Lady Bunny made sure to bring enough props to make the space look like a drag queen's costume and makeup trunk exploded all over the place with wigs strewn about the corner tables, dresses messily hung in the closet and on the bed, and makeup kits littering the tables and bathroom sink. It basically looked like a drag queen's room at the Ice Palace, if you're familiar. I did my part to make the room look more fabulous by tossing glitter everywhere I went.

My boys, Jason and Matt, were good little pups throughout the shoot.

Our director, Matt, had warned us about Lady Bunny's eccentricities prior to the shoot but I'd seen her perform on stage, met her in person, and let's face it - if I can handle Bianca Del Rio's shenanigans then I'm sure I can survive a night with Lady Bunny. Now, I've participated in and was a voyeur to a lot of kinky things in my young life but nothing prepared me for this impending shit show.

These are a few of his favorite things.

I feel like I may slowly be turning into a drag queen. Well, I did get bitten by one this summer on Fire Island. While setting up the props I had an urge to slip into a few of the dresses and put on a wig for consistency's sake - I mean, I did play dress up a lot when I was younger... and also yesterday. Although there were a few items with which I wanted to play, there were quite a few more that I definitely did not want to lay a finger on. Bunny shook out her goody bag on the bed and out fell several dildos ranging in different sizes and colors, one of which was an enormous black dildo covered in blonde wig hairs. I guess that's why the Crisco and douche sat conveniently on the bedside table.

I was in a constant state of shock and awe during the entire video shoot, teetering somewhere between grossed out and throwing my head back in laughter. This behind the scenes footage of my dear friend Bianca Del Rio on her knees next to Lady Bunny sucking off Sugar Pie was but one of the few scenes where I shook my head, held my hand to my mouth, and silently giggled in terrified amusement.

I wasn't alone in this - there were so many times that Bianca, Jason, and myself would burst out in a guffaw at the situation before us. This was a definite shift from the videos we'd been shooting for Paige Turner but I had a blast regardless. How often can you say you were in a hotel room with three drag queens dry humping each other in full hair and makeup as two men were recording the entire experience? That's another item checked off my bucket list!

"This video is the shit!" - Bianca Del Rio

You can see Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio perform at XL Nightclub's cabaret show, Hot Mess, every Wednesday night at 9:30PM.

Check out our Facebook album for more behind the scenes pictures!

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