10 September 2012

ZeBeDoo: Shop, Save, Socialize

ZeBeDoo is a brand new online shopping experience which allows consumers to share their favorite items and comment on purchases with friends in real time. In a day and age where so many people are connected through instantaneous online interaction via personal webpages, profiles, and applications ZeBeDoo provides a solution to personal shopping. ZeBeDoo partners with Amazon.com and Facebook, giving users access to both the world's leading online shop and social network and providing them new ways to connect with each other when buying merchandise online.

The Shop with a Friend feature allows users to instantly share their online shopping experience with friends through Facebook. This lets consumers ask their friends for fashion advise, suggest gift ideas, or even discuss fashion trends and faux pas.

"Well, I mean you wouldn't buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you." - Gretchen Wieners

Pin your favorite items, new discoveries, and recent purchases to your personal zBoard. This feature gives you the ability to keep track of things you have or would like to purchase on a private wish list or a shared board for your network of friends to view and comment. Users are also able to browse through one another's public boards to check out the latest trends and discover other items.

Having partnered with the world's leading online shop, Amazon.com, consumers who purchase items from ZeBeDoo earn 10% back on everything they buy through the website! Register today and start shopping with your friends!


  1. My friend told be about the site..went shopping on it with her..I was looking for some boots. My friend is a total fashionista...she was able to walk me through all the boots on amazon live..totally fun!!! cool that you found it too:)

  2. social shopping - love it. since i do the majority of my shopping online -this is long overdue!

  3. That is so funny! I totally agree! I have two little kids and I haven't shopped in so long, I am a born again (shopping) virgin. I like this ZeBeDoo thing b/c I can shop with a friend, which I never get to do anymore IRL. Plus they are giving a 10% kickback on all the stuff I buy on Amazon, which is awesome. Much more attractive than the kooks on eBay.