09 October 2012

Randy Rainbow at THERAPY NYC

My best friend showed me Randy Rainbow's video yesterday and encouraged me to apply, but seeing as how it was Columbus Day I was too busy asking Native Americans why they weren't celebrating this most joyous of holiday weekends. Randy is looking for a sidekick for a weekly Sunday night show of booze, bingo, and Broadway at Therapy here in Hell's Kitchen and who would make a better sidekick than yours truly?

While I know that you're looking for the "Gayle to my Oprah," Randy, I think that, with our powers combined, we will be more like a perfectly concocted cocktail. Can we get a gin and tonic and a - what are you having, love?

When I was told that this weekly show would be happening this fall at Therapy I immediately though, "Oh my gosh! I love their chicken skewers!" Just imagine, Randy, you and me - two fat, Asian fems working side by side every Sunday night outdrinking each other, throwing shade, and swapping stories about our mutual dating history.

Oh, come on, we all know that Zachary is a big, nelly bottom!

While I may fall flat on a few requirements, I'm 5'7" have nice-adjacent pecs, and look more like Bruce Lee than John Stamos, I am adorable, witty, can cook, and like long walks on the beach. Oh, did I mention I'm single and a top?

...and that's why you should vote for me. Elle Estanol: future co-host of the Randy Rainbow Show at Therapy this Fall!

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