05 November 2012

Halloween 2012

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

Having only told a few people what my Halloween costume this year, many were dumbfounded by the clues I left in the days leading up to Halloweekend and the main event. They were left in the dark until I dropped a house on them by revealing my ruby slippers, a gorgeous pair of red sequin pumps in a women's size 10. I totally lucked out when finding these shoes at the big Halloween store down in Union Square and, upon purchasing them, knew my outfit was complete! Down the yellow brick road we go!

black Medusa wig , green airbrush , fooling straight guys into thinking I'm an actual female 

We planned to be in full costume on two separate nights: Saturday of the Halloween weekend (also known as the Halloweekend) and Halloween night. I was called into hair and makeup by 3PM that Saturday so I can be airbrushed green, contoured, and turned into a woman. This was, believe it or not, my first time in heels, a dress, wig, and full makeup so I was pretty nervous and excited. Upon purchasing my wig a few nights earlier I got bored, put it on, and logged onto Chatroulette where I fooled quite a few men into thinking I was a natural woman, save the few who questioned why my biceps were so large.

Michael and Jason bought prosthetic masks for their costumes this year with Jason going as Lord Voldermort and Michael rising from the grave as a zombie. After their bald caps and faces were carefully put on, we airbrushed them into their ghoulish forms, threw on their robes, pants, and boots, and were ready to march into the night. Well, I was tripping over my heels but you get the picture.

Lord Voldermort, Elphaba, and the Undead came out to play this Halloween!

Lord Voldermort would not be complete without his signature wand which Jason purchased at Harry Potter world last year. One of the greatest things about us going out in these outfits was that none of us were recognizable, especially those two donning faces more hideous than the ones with which they were cursed. Just kidding! (*cough*) I, on the other hand, was transformed into a pretty girl thanks to Jason. Passersby looked at us in awe as we walked down the street, applauding the two in front of me for their impressive costumes and wondering if the green girl was, in fact, a woman. I was asked at the first party we attended if I was a girl or a guy to which I promptly responded in my lowest bass voice, "I'm a dude."

The three of us spent that Saturday around the West Village, jumping from Pieces, to Stonewall, Duplex, and then back up to Hell's Kitchen. Pieces Bar on Christopher Street was throwing a costume contest where Jason won $150 cash for second place and Michael won a huge bar tab. While the two were busy reveling in their glory I was getting hit on by straight men at the bar who mistook me for a woman. Not even the girls with whom they came could get them to budge but they handed me their numbers when forced out of the bar by their friends, "You make one hell of a pretty girl! I mean, we could always just go out for a friendly dinner, right?" Yeah, man. Totes friendly. No homo.

Voldermort has this thing for photo bombing perfectly good pictures (above left)

Halloween day was interesting in that we had survived Hurricane Sandy and our part of the city in Midtown was fairly untouched by the effects of the storm. We celebrated our luck by going out in full costume again. Although the annual Halloween party at Lasagna was cancelled due to power outages in lower parts of Manhattan, we decided to do a pub crawl starting at 9th Avenue Saloon, hitting the Ritz, Barrage, Flaming Saddles, Vlada, and Industry along the way.

The night started to get hazy after Britney Spears and I chugged our drinks at the Ritz and Barrage. We met up with a few more friends along the way and added to our party as we paraded up and down 9th avenue in our costumes. After a few more drinks I started to look like the drunk straight girl who was allowed to tag along to the gay bars with her friends as I stumbled along in my ruby slippers. I definitely have a lot more respect for drag queens who wear these damn heels several nights a week and question why women even wear these attractive forms of footbinding. Just pop two ibuprofen and drink plenty of liquor throughout the night and you won't feel a damn thing!

I hope y'all had a fun and safe Halloween and can't wait to see what we all come up with for next year's festivities!

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  1. Nice work Elle! I'm happy you survived Hurricane Sandy