13 November 2012

Welcome Home, Cassidy!

Ted and I are professional cuddlers.

Winter is coming... the leaves are falling, the skies turning grey - even the weather is steadily dropping and my need for warmer clothes and a cuddle buddy are increasing. Sure, I have Theodore to keep me warm but I need something slightly bigger than a cub. Maybe a husbear? The search for him continues but in the meantime I'd like to introduce y'all to the newest addition to the family! (Seriously, when does the new Game of Thrones season start?)

Do you see what I have to deal with on a daily basis?

I've had many pets throughout the years: a few fish here and there, some cats, rabbits, birds, horses, pigs, goats, Jason... y'all get the idea. Right? One of the most rewarding of which was man's best friend: my pups. It came as no surprise how thoroughly excited I was when Jason finally received Cassidy from her foster family to join the farm of a life we live.

I'd like to introduce y'all to Cass (Cassidy)!

As one of her new daddies I was kinda annoyed with her given name of Kesh. For one thing it sounded like something one would name a turtle. Secondly it was too reminiscent of Ke$ha - no one wants that around. At four years older her name was stuck to her tighter than a lid to a pickle jar so Jason suggested "Cass," short for Cassidy, to be her new name which, while different and cute, is still fairly close to the original so she wouldn't be confused when called.

It's certainly a whole new world having, but most of all walking, a dog around New York City. We're definitely not in Texas anymore where we can let our pups loose in the yard to get their exercise. Pet owners here are way too uptight with their dogs. They will sniff and interact with one another folks! I totally understand your not wanting another dog to bark or jump at your pet, but treating them like fashion accessories is a inhumane, stupid, and thoroughly annoying. The next time your tiny pooch starts yapping at mine, I'll be the one to tell you off before the dogs even come into contact.

Now I get to take copious amounts of pictures with both Shelby and Cass!

We were fortunate to have Cass come to us already very well-trained and knowing her basic commands. It's unfortunate that many passerby as well as other dog owners are prejudice to pit bulls, stigmatizing the breed as being overtly violent and dangerous. Cass is neither of those things - hell she's afraid of the cat, Shelby, and is only looking to play with other dogs. It's funny how she also fears dogs smaller than her which, when down in her playful crouch, is mistaken by others to be a preemptive attack stance. In order to make her appear less intimidating to everyone around her I've begun knitting an adorable pink scarf for her to wear all season, adding a cute bow, and a pink collar, wouldn't hurt either. Accessorizing is fun!

Cassidy and Shelby, BFFs

One thing which will take some time is the relationship between cat and dog, old bitch and new bitch. Jason was initially afraid that Cass might run after, attack, and kill Shelby upon their first meeting. Their interaction was a bit different than that. Cass, walking over to say hello to her new best friend received an angry and territorial hiss from Shelby so she ran and hid behind me instead. They're kept in separate rooms for now but Shelby remains ever observant and cautious of the new girl. Why can't we all just be friends? All I want to do is have a Christmas card with the two cuddling in matching reindeer outfits.

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