26 March 2013

Rumours of a Hot Tub Porn Scene Filmed in Hudson County

This is the untold story of our adventures in upstate New York last fall.

Road trip!

Halloween has come and gone and now Autumn is upon us. What better way to celebrate, and ignore the anxiety of the elections by escaping to upstate New York for some much needed R&R, time in the hot tub with a cocktail in hand and your friend's cock in the other, right? While upstate for the weekend my friends and I caused a bit of a stir on Grindr and Scruff and may have sparked a rumour that we were filming a hot tub porn scene in Hudson County, New York. I'll have to disappoint y'all now by saying we were a little too distracted by other activities to commit to shooting anything, but the weekend was still fun!

Stirring up trouble even when on holiday.

A group of us went to our friend's house upstate to celebrate his birthday and get away from the busy streets and our even busier schedules in New York City. Naturally we turned on our smartphone apps to check out the local gay scene and see if there was anything worth doing outside the comfort of the house, but it was upstate New York so really we should have known better. Our Grindrs blew up though after I may or may not have joked about filming a steamy hot tub scene while visiting.

What were we actually doing, you ask? What most New York City gays do in the fall - we went apple picking at the nearby orchard. I had half the mind to throw a few of them into the bushes and have my way with them but the cold would have gotten the better of us so I opted to keep my clothes on for once and save it for the shower, hot tub, bedroom, and near the fireplace. You can never have enough back up plans, right? Oh, AND we picked apples!

"Sir, do you know how this harness works?"

We also checked out the Zipline Canopy Tours in the Catskills where a very scruffy instructor threw a harness on me and asked if I'd ever been in one. Oh, if he only knew. I'm a pretty huge adrenaline junkie so flying down a huge mountain, hundreds of feet above the ground is something for which I live. I mean, sure, I white-knuckled my handle on the first run but it was still damn fun! I wished I hadn't worn my shredded jeans, though, the wind rushing in to my bum wasn't exactly the most comfortable thing in the world.

Save me, Scruffington McHung!

I didn't quite make it through all of the runs so Scruffington had to come out and pull me to the finish line a few times. His approach was interesting: he hooked himself up, zipped on over, put his legs around me, and tied a cable to pull me back. It was then that I noticed a very stiff and very large appendage pressing against his jeans to greet me. I made sure never to finish a single run after that.

spiced pumpkin martinis

So while you may have heard rumours of such a film being produced in the Catskills, they are not true - or at least, we weren't filming there. I do apologize for all your boners regarding such a scene, but maybe the next time I'm up we can actually take on that project. It'd be pretty hot, right? For now raise your glasses, try a spiced pumpkin martini that I tried while at a local bar there, to the election and hope that Obama wins another term!

15 March 2013

A Discussion on Barebacking and Safer Sex

I am a huge advocate for safer sex, however I am only human and I make mistakes, I learn from them, and I move on with my life more informed and hopefully making better decisions. My name is Elle Estanol and I have had bareback sex. In very much the same way BuzzFeed contributor Kyle Bella described the experience, “the scariest part for me [was] not the risk itself, but the fact that I enjoyed it.”1 Many gay men, at least those with whom I’ve interacted, are thoroughly educated on the subject of safer sex and HIV prevention – how could we not when we have been and are continually encouraged to always use a condom? The onset of the AIDS epidemic and its ravaging of our community taught us to protect ourselves and each other, and those lessons remain in our hearts and minds to this day.

06 March 2013

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Gay Blogger Scorned

I only recently came across Christopher Gen’s call to arms against the influx of men questioning their sexuality and their use of Grindr to explore their identity. The writer is obviously thoroughly misguided and misinformed on LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex – because yes, sexuality truly is a spectrum) culture and his commentary on such a matter can only be read as the whiny complaint of a gay man scorned for misusing a social networking application that does not cater to what he looks for in an ideal man. Before I dissect each poorly articulated concern regarding the degradation of gay men as a community by those who are not “man enough to admit what you want,” I suggest that Christopher choose a different network the next time he’s looking for a romantic connection.