14 May 2013

Hair Fail

Earlier this year I placed the fate of my hair in y'all's hands via a poll I put up on this blog. If you couldn't tell based on the picture above it's been growing out nicely, cascading over my face, and relentlessly curling in all the wrong places. I've gotten mixed reviews regarding its shaggy appearance and will leave the decision to the general public once again. As we've seen throughout the years, decisions regarding my style should always be put up to vote because I clearly have no idea what I'm doing. Let's look at the different forms my hair has taken over the last decade.

10 May 2013

RE: The Porn Problem (via OUT)

I am one of the first people to stand up to defend sex and sexuality and this OUT article does nothing but perpetuate the stigma surrounding gay porn, sex workers, and sex at large. Instead of calling out the shaming of the industry and those involved in it, the author continues to feed into the propagated stereotype instead of embracing their fellow man.

Why are we reverting to Puritanical ideals of morality, putting down members of our community and labeling them as whores who are "destroyed" with no skills "beyond that of persuasion, perseverance, and charming personalities" as they did when analyzing the death of Erik Rhodes?

Furthermore, analyzing the death of anyone and making assumptions on why they passed based on their occupation and life choices is beyond disgusting. We all face difficult times regardless of whether we're an escort, porn star, accountant, or dancer. The New York Times posted new statistics from the CDC earlier this month which noted that "suicide rates among middle-aged Americans have risen sharply in the past decade."

Perhaps the reason we're focusing on the deaths of porn stars instead of the rest of America is because they are more high profile, but that does not give us license to demonize and tarnish their memories with insulting words and perpetual shaming of their character. I especially expect gay men to be above this because we've known and lived such hate and misunderstanding, that to impart it upon another person in our community is sad and infuriating. It is all of you self-hating gay men who should be ashamed of yourselves.

You can find the full OUT article here.